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Hello and welcome to mitraWatch! mitraWatch is a first of its kind tool to easily find and compare prices across the Kratom industry, and an easy way to get price drop alerts right to your inbox. If you haven't already, sign up for alerts here.

These are the forums which have a different purpose from the Kratom search engine.

The forums serve 2 purposes:
  1. To offer a general purpose platform for people to discuss Kratom.
  2. To gather feedback from you so I can make the search engine better.
Feel free to use the forums to discuss/ask anything related to Kratom, or to submit feedback about the search engine itself. I would very much like to improve the capabilities of the tool as much as I can. On Reddit, people have already made some good suggestions which I plan on integrating into the platform.

Have a suggestion or want to submit feedback? Start by creating an account and then submitting a thread to the suggestions forum. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

To that end, I hope you get value out of the search engine and check back on occasion to see any new features or browse the latest discussions on the forum. Reddit is a great place to gather with other Kratom users but lately they've been less than kind to the communities, and there's a good chance Kratom communities will eventually find themselves on the chopping block.

See you soon!

-Fallon (mitraWatch admin)
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