Products in Database are not guaranteed to be in stock


Staff member
In an effort to make the Kratom search engine better I look for ways to improve it. One small problem is I do not have any methods to determine if a product is out of stock. If you see a listing in the search engine it may or may not be in stock. This especially affects small batch Kratom vendors who are constantly going out of stock. Sometimes I notice out of stock products and remove them from the database, but with hundreds, nearing thousands of products I cannot catch them all.

In cases where a vendor completely removes a product, the system can detect it because the page is no longer available to pull prices. In these cases I see the error in the logs and remove the product from the database completely.

In the future I may implement a feature so visitors can send an alert when they see a product is not in stock, or they come across a product no longer available. Currently I am manually removing out of stock products and this of course is prone to catching some but not all.