New update soon!


Staff member
I'll be rolling out a new database update soon and adding new vendors! I'm coming to find prices do not seem to fluctuate very much across Kratom vendors, so I've been neglecting updates in favor of working on new features. I'll be rolling out a review system which has proven to be the most challenging feature update so far from a technical perspective, but once it's setup I think it will be invaluable. I'm also developing a system so I can closely monitor reviews which I believe to be in bad faith. I do not want to implement a system that is easily abused by vendors or other biased actors, otherwise reviews are pointless and people lose their trust.

Overall the train is rolling, and once I roll out this last set of vendors and features, I'll just focus on maintaining frequent updates to ensure prices always reflect the real time environment.

Thank you to everyone following and believing in this project! Please drop a comment if you have any suggestions or feedback.