New features!


Staff member
There are now a number of new features that have recently launched! The first feature is the ability to see the industry cost per gram averages right on the main search page. In the search results, any CPG at or below the average will be in green, any CPG above the average will be in red. This gives you an intuitive sense of what's a good deal and what is not. And I think you'll be surprised at how some vendors known for good prices have a few strains that are above the average, and vice versa. I'll be extending this feature to the vendor pages as well at some point.

The next feature is Mitra Maps. This one allows you to see vendors on an interactive map. Choosing a vendor close to your location optimizes shipping time and may reduce costs, and it's also a fast way to explore new vendors.

Future plans include a review system, and of course adding more vendors to the database! Full steam ahead.

If you have anything you'd like to see please leave a comment.