mitraWatch Receives Major Updates


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Ladies and gentleman I am pleased to announce a few major and some minor updates to the MitraWatch database. The major change is a new review system which allows you to leave a review, and browse user submitted Kratom reviews. Like the main search on the home page, the reviews can be filtered in a number of useful ways, including filtering by vendor/strain, sorting by newest, oldest, best rating, lowest rating, and most reviewed. The reviews are made up of a star rating. You can rate your reviews with the star system, and these ratings combine to form an average review rating. As you search for Kratom on the home page, you'll notice the average star rating is listed alongside the other pieces of information.

Obviously this is only a useful feature if people leave reviews so I encourage you to please take the time and write out a thoughtful review for some of the strains in the database. I've also implemented what I think will make catching spam reviews or nefarious reviews much easier. You can verify your review by posting a picture of your Kratom with your username written on a piece of paper. Once verified I'll put a checkmark next to your review and elevate it to verified status.

I've added a few new vendors to the database. The Database now includes, DTE Botanicals, Benni Botanicals, and New Dawn Kratom. Like the others, these vendors will now be monitored for price changes and you can use the search feature to find their cost per gram and other useful info.

Among some of the minor changes, the search results return 25 results at a time rather than returning hundreds of products (which turned into a time consuming task.) You have the option to load more results as needed.

Overall I'm excited about these updates so be sure to leave some reviews and check back in periodically for new updates.

As these features are new, please report any bugs!

Thank you!
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