Less is more with Kratom?


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What do people mean when they say with Kratom, that less is more? I've taken a small amount before and I seem to have better effects with larger doses


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The way I think about it is Kratom has an upper limit where taking more doesn't necessarily give you more potent effects. It's not the best catch phrase because obviously, 500mg really isn't enough to get the effect you're going for, and in this case you're probably better off with a gram or even 2 grams. I think the point is to find where that upper limit is for you and be sure you're not going over that limit. The euphoric aspects of Kratom have a set limit, and going over that limit doesn't increase the positive aspects, but rather induces nausea aka the wobbles. You want to find that sweet spot, and in some cases you may be taking too much and experiencing nasty side effects. In this scenario, the phrase less is more rings true